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Water Softeners

Product Description

Water Softeners UK Suppliers

Why are water softeners needed?

Most of the UK water supply comes from groundwater sources. Rainwater permeates layers of soil, clay, sand and rock and in the process picks up a few minerals along the way. Hardness is defined by the content of calcium and magnesium that is found in water – the harder the water the more calcium and magnesium it contains. Although it is not toxic, hardness can cause several problems and it is not suitable as drinking water.

Hard water leaves traces of calcium and magnesium on glassware, surfaces, within pipework and appliances. Which causes shorter equipment life span, higher energy costs, reduced flow rates and under-performing appliances, to name a few.

Excess deposits create a drop in efficiency, increased chemical cleaning costs and maintenance schedules and in the worse cases equipment failure, making water softeners and water filters essential to many businesses.

Servicing, repair and replacement

Overtime the performance of a water softener will decline, so regular servicing is essential to ensure that a water softener continues to perform in an efficient, cost-effective and reliable manner, and so that downstream processes are protected from the damaging effects of hardness slippage.

Even with a well-maintained system, the water softener resin bed will need to be replaced eventually. When that time comes, we can pump out the old resin bed and replace it with new ion exchange resin to fully restore the performance of your unit. If required, all the necessary spare parts for repairs will be provided by RGP.

How can RGP help?

We offer a range of cost-effective contract service options which can be tailored to your needs to ensure that your water softener remains operating as it should and extending its serviceable life with the advantage of fixed price servicing.  As a service contract customer, you will be given preferential treatment for break-down and emergency call-out service.

We’ve been servicing water softeners, industrial and commercial, for over 25 years. Many softeners are used to pre-treat RO units to increase water recovery, lengthen membrane life, which in many industries including Printers, Breweries, Distillers, Glass, Cosmetics, Manufacturing and more is vital.

All installations, service,  regular maintenance and replacements are carried out by visits by our trained service technicians who can provide all the technical support in order to achieve the best results.

As well asWater Softeners Suppliers, we supply, install and maintain much more from filtration, clarification, disinfection systems as well as reverse osmosis and more, because our goal is to create an end-to-end solution that you can trust. We can build and install tailored treatment systems for all your needs, cost-effectively to deliver you a rapid return on investment.

Talk to us, our tailored systems help companies in all water areas make considerable savings by reducing maintenance and operating costs.

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