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Condair CP3 Electrode boiler humidifier

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Product Description

Condair CP3

Electrode boiler steam humidifier

An electrode boiler steam humidifier is an isothermal humidifier that generates a flow of electrons in order to heat water, using technology that makes use of electrical resistance, i.e. the water’s conductivity.

The Condair CP3 electrode boiler steam humidifier is an economic and very dependable solution for steam humidification. It is easy to install, simple to use and provides accurate and responsive humidity control.

Innovative features such as water conductivity monitoring and staged electrode use maximise the lifetime of the steam cylinders and extend the operational periods between service requirements.

An advanced touch screen control panel makes operation simple while providing detailed diagnostic reporting. A USB connection allows performance data to be downloaded into Excel and the humidifier’s software to be easily updated. It is compatible with Modbus Standard, BACnet or LonWorks protocols.

The Condair CP3 is available in sizes from 5 – 90kg/hr. Features and benefits include a reliable steam humidifier that’s easy to install, use and maintain, long-lasting steam cylinders due to innovative water mineral management, easy operation and detailed reporting, convenient and rapid servicing through cylinder replacement, up to 180kg/h for AHUs or direct room humidification up to 45kg/h, BMS connectivity as standard and it operates on standard mains water. CP3 is ideal for small to medium rooms, such as small print rooms and plate making rooms.

Servicing and maintenance

The steam cylinders of the Condair CP3 last up to three times longer than similar models due to advanced water quality management. The mineral content of the water is precisely monitored and managed. Water with high mineral content is drained and fresh water added only as required, thus minimising scale build-up and reducing the energy needed to heat fresh water.

When servicing is needed, the Condair CP3’s design makes it easy to drain, remove and replace the disposable steam cylinders, keeping downtime to a minimum. Cleanable cylinders are also available.

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