High Pressure Humidifiers

High Pressure sytems are a great way of controlling medium to large areas accurately and with low energy use.

We have supplied systems from Condair for over 20 years and have a wide experience in sizing installing and supporting sytems over that time please call for advice and free site surveys.

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Product Description

Humidity is an essential parameter in the climatic conditions here on earth. Natural and climatic conditions cause the level of humidity to vary greatly. One major factor in this is heat and cold. But other factors also play a role both indoors and outdoors. This is a particularly crucial issue for industrial production facilities which depend on organic raw materials. For industries where static electricity is a traditional and costly problem.
RGP has several decades experience in the specification and installation of high quality humidification solutions.

We advise on type and size of equipment required. Then install and service humidification systems
for companies throughout the UK.