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industrial humidification systems

Industrial humidification systems

A halt in production caused by the paper jamming in the inlet of the printing press is the nightmare of every printer, especially when you need to deliver an urgent order to one your most important customers. This is most frequently caused by static electricity, which builds up when humidity levels are too low. The paper distorts and the sheets stick together resulting in a jam. The solution is simple: humidification!

Dry air in the printing industry can cause many other issues including paper curl and static build up, paper quickly losing moisture when exposed to dry air, paper losing shape as well as its dimensions. Along with this, as paper moves and touches other paper as well as other surfaces, it can cause electrostatic discharges (ESD) and this can lead to issues with handling as well as machinery.

Industrial humidification systems

By using humidity control to stabilise the conditions, to keep the relative humidity at the required level, these issues can be limited; meaning dimensional stability of paper and other hygroscopic materials in the print room is improved. Machinery will also be able to work at higher speeds and breaks and downtime is significantly reduced.

As well as a humidification system assisting in you getting the maximum output from your press, it will also have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of employees which is a major factor in reducing sickness and absenteeism. All these clearly have a significant effect on productivity.

RGP supply and support humidification systems for the control of indoor climates for the prevention of production and static problems caused by dry air. RGP are one of the most expert suppliers of humidification systems in the UK. Our corporate culture is based on honesty, enthusiasm, loyalty and professionalism, and our clients include medium-size and large international clients and manufacturers.