Humidification – Woodworking

Commercial humidification systems woodworking

Individuals in the woodworking field such as furniture, cabinetry, and flooring manufacturers often encounter manufacturing issues caused by dry air. These issues can include warping, shrinkage and other dimensional problems with painting, finishing and gluing; and a variety of static electricity-based problems.

In the woodworking industry, humidity control is essential during storage and processing in the factory. Products such as window and door frames as well as the wooden boards really benefit from being stored in a humidity-controlled environment.

This is because wood is a hygroscopic material and stabilisation of the ambient conditions allows wood to maintain the same dimensions throughout the production process. If the ambient conditions were not maintained the wood could expand or shrink, which could lead to cracks and deformations, wasting the material.

Commercial humidification systems woodworking

Maintaining proper relative humidity (RH) throughout the entire cycle of transportation, storage, manufacturing, finishing and finished goods storage will have a substantial impact on the moisture content of the wood you use in your manufacturing and finishing operations.

Static electricity problems in a woodworking environment occur when dry air causes surfaces to become charged with static electricity. It causes a variety of problems including dust fires and static explosions. In some cases, static electricity can also affect the way paints and finishes adhere to wood.

All of the above problems can be avoided or minimised by maintaining humidity levels at 40% to 60% RH in your woodworking environment including your office, warehouse, and manufacturing and finishing departments.

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