Water filtration system for hotels

Water filtration system for hotels

Water filtration system for hotels

Benefits of filtered water in your hotel

When you operate a hotel or any business within the hospitality industry, it is essential that you have high quality filtered water available for your customers. For environmental protection, bottled water must be avoided. All drinking water available in hotels should be purified water.

A good water filtration system for hotels extends the life of appliances and pipework. Hard water will corrode pipes and affect appliances, such as much needed dishwashers. Once you have a system in place, there will be no need to think about descaling appliances, and it will also help reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns of appliances from the hidden scale.

Another benefit is decreased utility cost. Appliances that are required to heat and have a build-up of limescale do not work as effectively, which in turn causes increased utility costs.

As well as needing good tasting water throughout to serve to guests, hotels also need a high flow rate to be able to meet the great demand of multiple showers or baths running at the same time, plus there is the need for clean water constantly for laundry services.

Don’t risk wasting money or getting poor reviews because of problems with water quality. Talk to us about commercial water filtration systems.

Dealing with wastewater

Wastewater is any water that has been adversely affected by human activity. Hotels create a huge amount of this, with guests and staff constantly using it for washing, cleaning and cooking which will contain oils and grease. Even swimming pools produce wastewater.

Due to increasingly stringent guidelines regarding facilities releasing wastewater, many hotels will have an on-site water treatment process to treat the water before it joins the sewage treatment plant or wastewater treatment plants.

Whatever wastewater treatment systems you have in place to treat wastewater in your hotel, you need to ensure you are complying with the correct level of contaminants deemed acceptable in your area. Not meeting this standard could lead to legal, financial and environmental ramifications.

Tips for reducing hotel water consumption

Hotels have both a moral and commercial interest in reducing water consumption. Here are a few initiatives to help (always ensure new measures taken will not compromise service quality, health or safety):

  • Establish a Water Management Plan – begin with a water usage audit to get a clear understanding of your costs and savings opportunities. 
  • Minimise water usage from bathrooms – low flow bathroom features can reduce water usage by as much as 30%.
  • Minimize water usage from laundry services – post your policies regarding towel placement and laundering clearly. 
  • Install water efficiency systems – if treated properly, greywater (wastewater generated by laundry, dishwashing, bathing, etc) can be repurposed for toilet flushing and irrigation.

How RGP can help

Because of the large demands for water that most hospitality businesses have, designing an effective water filtration system requires the help of experts.  With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in providing high-quality bespoke water treatment solutions including water softeners, water treatment systems, reverse osmosis systems and more to help you achieve your goals. Our open, flexible and agile approach means we can make a fast and sustainable difference to your business.

At RGP, we supply, install and maintain all equipment from water softeners and water purification systems including filtration, clarification, disinfection, as well as reverse osmosis, and more, because our goal is to create an end-to-end solution that you can trust. We can build and install tailored treatment systems for all your needs, cost-effectively, delivering a rapid return on investment.

All installations, services, maintenance and replacements are carried out by visits on-site by our trained service technicians who can provide all the technical supports in order to achieve the best results. If required, all the necessary spare parts can be provided by RGP too.

We ensure that you are informed of system performance and recommended proactive checks and measures are in place to minimise system downtime and maximise the longest possible system life. We will help you achieve reduced operating costs and solve any challenges that you face with any system issues.

Talk to us about how you can secure your pure water supply, so you can make considerable savings through the right water treatment for you. Our tailored systems help companies in all water areas make considerable savings by reducing maintenance and operating costs. 

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