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Condair rs Resistive steam humidifier

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  • Patented Scale control
  • RO water compatible
  • Touch screen operation
  • Fewer service intervals
  • Self diagnostic system
  • Large outputs from single unit

Product Description

Resistive steam humidifier

The Condair RS resistive electric steam humidifier delivers accurate humidity control, without the expense of plastic disposable boiling cylinders, and simplifies maintenance with its patented scale management system.

Scale that forms on the heating elements breaks off under normal operation and falls into the externally located scale collector tank. Scale is easily removed by the simple process of draining the scale collector tank with the push of a button, allowing the unit to cool then disconnecting the tank and emptying it.

The Condair RS can operate with mains water to provide ±3%RH control or on reverse osmosis (RO) water to offer ±1%RH control. When operating on RO water, scale build-up is virtually eliminated, significantly reducing the unit’s required maintenance.

By locating the water inlet and drain between the twin walls of the outer cylinder wall and an inner cylinder liner, the temperature is kept at a level that inhibits scale formation in this area. The “cold water pool” prevents blockages of the inlet and drain by scale to further enable extended periods between servicing.

Condair RS has the latest touch screen technology that makes operation simple while providing detailed diagnostic reporting. A USB port allows performance data to be downloaded into Excel and the humidifier’s software to be easily updated. It is compatible with Modbus Standard, BACnet or LonWorks protocols.

Features and benefits include a patented scale management system for easily removing scale, a cleanable stainless steel cylinder that eliminates the need for disposable plastic cylinders, close humidity control of +/-3% with mains water and +/-1% with RO water. It can be used with RO water to significantly reduce service requirements, the “Coldwater pool” prevents water inlet and drain blockages due to scale, and up to 160kg/h for AHUs or direct room humidification up to 40kg/h.

Electrode vs resistive steam humidifier

Electrode and resistive are the two main types of electric steam humidifiers. Both are versatile and come in a variety of sizes for either in-room or in-duct applications.

The main differences between an electrode and resistive technologies are how they heat the water to create steam and how they control steam output.

The electrode boils water by passing an electrical current through it. The more current passes through the water, the greater the steam production. So, output increases with a higher water level or when higher mineral levels make the water more conductive.

With an electrode boiler, as steam is produced, any minerals in the water build up within the plastic cylinder as limescale. When these cylinders are full of limescale they are replaced, which is straightforward and offers the benefit of very rapid maintenance and minimal downtime for the humidification system.

Resistive humidifiers create steam through the transfer of heat from the resistance heater elements to the water. The steam output is controlled by applying more or less heat to the water rather than controlling water level or conductivity.

As resistive steam humidifiers do not pass current through the water, they can operate with stainless steel boiling chambers that can be cleaned rather than replaced. This avoids the expense of disposable cylinders reducing spares costs. So much so, that the initial cost of the more expensive resistive unit can be recouped within 18 months.

How can RGP help?

Here at RGP, we will advise which is the best system for your business, because we have several decades of experience in the specification and installation of high-quality Condair solutions. We advise on the type and size of equipment required, then install and service humidification systems for companies throughout the UK.

All installations, services, maintenance and replacements are carried out by visits on-site by our trained service technicians who can provide all the technical supports in order to achieve the best results. If required, all the necessary spare parts can be provided by RGP to.

We ensure that you are informed of system performance and recommended proactive checks and measures are in place to minimise system downtime and maximise the longest possible system life. We will help you achieve reduced operating costs and solve any challenges that you face with any system issues.

We supply, install and maintain all equipment from filtration, clarification, disinfection, as well as reverse osmosis and more, because our goal is to create an end-to-end solution that you can trust. We can build and install tailored treatment systems for all your needs, cost-effectively to deliver you a rapid return on investment.

Talk to us about your supply of water and make considerable savings on your manufacturing costs through our water treatment systems. Our tailored systems help companies in all water areas make considerable savings by reducing maintenance and operating costs.

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