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At RGP, we appreciate the importance of humidity control and the correct water treatment solutions in the printing industry and that’s why we strive to offer a wide range of solutions and systems that are designed to offer exceptional results.

We offer a solution that allows you to invest in your business by ensuring you create the perfect printing environment and with that comes enhanced levels of productivity and quality.

The Importance of Humidity

During the printing manufacturing processes involved with using paper and ink, paper can quickly lose moisture when exposed to dry air. When the humidity drops to a certain level it can mean that the paper loses its shape as well as its dimensions.

Along with this, as paper moves and touches other paper as well as other surfaces, it can cause electrostatic charges and this can lead to issues with handling as well as machinery. However, it is especially important to monitor and manage humidity during extreme summers and cold winters where humidity can fall exceptionally low.

It’s also important to ensure that humidity is right where water-based inks are used as they require specific conditions in order to deliver effective results.

Printing and Sheet Feeding

Digital Printing is a process that is commonly housed within air-conditioned rooms that will have very low humidity due to the air conditioning process. As a result, the intricate machinery and equipment which is used will not run to their full capacity.

Electrostatic is a common issue with digital printing and the machinery that is used. This can have a significant impact on the quality of the product produced and makes it important to implement the correct humidity that enables you to deliver a wide range of products and materials.

We also understand that poor levels of humidity are also a concern in more traditional press halls as the edges of the unwrapped paper can lose moisture rapidly and that can lead to paper curling which can lead to misfeeding and machine running problems.

Electrostatic is also a problem in this instance as it can cause poor paper feeding and creasing/cracking during printing and finishing processes.

Water Treatment

We know that a consistent water supply for printing is essential. Litho printers need a consistent water supply to ensure even high print quality and reverse osmosis gives the perfect answer which also reduces roller wear and press maintenance.

However, we also provide water treatment systems that help to produce deionised water. This water quality is ideal for automatic blanket and roller wash systems.

Along with consistent water, the printing process is reliant on accurate and reliable chemical dosing to ensure quality and reduce both chemical and material wastage. We offer a wide variety of equipment and expertise in this area to ensure you dose chemicals safely and accurately.

Water treatment and extra-fine filtration can be used to remove particles that will build up in equipment pipework, which will prolong press chemistry life and lower maintenance costs

Why RGP?

At RGP, we have 25 years of working in this industry and providing printing clients with their requirements. Therefore, we offer the latest solutions and systems that are designed to underpin and support the success of the printing industry.

We are experts in water treatment systems, reverse osmosis softeners deionisers and dosing solutions and the installation of systems that can improve and enhance the printing process.

With our expertise and insight, you can benefit from industry-leading solutions that will have a positive impact on the way in which you operate.

We provide a water treatment service for printing which means that you can actively control humidity and ensure that you use the purest water to enhance your systems

For over 25 years we have provided a high-quality service for the print industry across the country. Whether you need a regular service contract, a breakdown call-out or discuss updating your equipment.

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