RO Systems Service

RGP Solutions offer a full range of services to ensure you reverse osmosis, complete with pre and post-treatment systems that are always working at peak performance. When any work is carried out we issue a full report of system performance and recommend proactive checks and measures are in place to minimise system downtime and maximise the longest possible system life.

A Typical service would consist of:

Contact relevant site personnel to ensure that system is shut down and locked off to ensure a safe working area and minimise any production disruption.

Water Quality
Test incoming water for:
  • TDS
  • Bactiquant test for general bacteria levels
Test pre softener (if applicable) for:
  • Output water for softener operation
  • Bactiquant test for general bacteria levels
Test pre-filtration for:
  • Removal of chlorine (to ensure carbon filter replacement intervals are sufficient)
Test main RO Plant for:
  • TDS
  • Permeate flow rate
  • Concentrate flow rate
  • Bactiquant test for general bacteria levels
Test storage tanks and post-treatment:
  • Bactiquant test for general bacteria levels
  • TDS check (Post ro di resin vessels for resin quality if applicable)
Record Findings

Examine previous service records to see where if any there is a loss of production rate and quality of processed water. Record findings and compare with previous records, investigate system to ascertain why variations have occurred and report findings to site.

Mechanical Service
  • Check incoming water valves and pipework
  • Check water pressure from any booster sets
  • Check incoming and output pressure from the softener
  • Check the incoming water pressure to RO plant
  • Check membrane pressure
  • Test all solenoid valves and pressure switches
  • Test all pumps for performance and motor condition
  • Test storage tank level switches
  • Test any UV systems
  • Test all output and process pumps
  • Replace all wetted filters and UV lamps
  • Disinfect the entire system from incoming supply to output point
  • Put the system back into operation
  • Liaise with site staff to show any finding/concerns with system function.