Spectrum 5.2
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RO Systems

RGP ro systems are well made reliable units suitable for commercial/industrial applications.We have over twenty years experience supplying and maintaining systems in many industries and processes including:

  • Print
  • Humidification
  • Electronics
  • Glass
  • Cosmetics
  • Window Manufacture

Please call for further information 01245 328191

email sales@rgpsolutions.co.uk

Product Description

RO Systems


  • Production rates from 156 litres per hour to 1,260 lph (dependant on feedwater pressure)
  • 100% integrity tested with powder coated aluminium frame for effective corrosion and rust
  • Compact space saving design with low operation costs
  • The SPECTRUM RO System is easily accessible for maintenance, servicing and monitoring
    performance and arrives pre-plumbed, wired and assembled for ease of use
  • CE compliant system